Monday, December 13, 2010


So, Michelle Phan (my hero, btw) just posted this on her Facebook Page:

"My mom bought me new underwears because I ran out (visiting home), but she refuses to let me wear them until she washes them! Do you wash brand new underwear before you wear them too? Haha! TMI ftw!"
And I don't usually leave comments on Public Figure Facebook pages, but damnit, I had to put my foot down.

I watched this thing on Dr. Oz where they took undies from high-end retail department stores, and tested them for traces of bacteria.  In a lot of cases, they found bacteria that could cause serious infections.  In one case, they actually found a trace of BLOOD.
Here's a link to the first video of that Dr. Oz series:

LADIES, it's SO FREAKING IMPORTANT to take care of your lovely lady parts. 

In other words, chickity-check yo self before you wrigity wreck yo self.  Cuz dirty ol' undies are bad for your health.


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