Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jewelry Payless. Cuz you pay less... for jewelry.


Back in action, folks!  Thanks again for all the support!

After watching this review:

And this review:

I decided to hop my butt on the bandwagon and buy a couple rings from

I've been freaking obsessed with rings, particularly with sterling silver rings.  They're generally great quality, don't turn your finger all sorts of funky colors, and they're affordable.  Since I lose everything ALL THE TIME, affordability is key.

I went with buying from the "Silver Wedding Ring Set", because they come with TWO rings each, and I'm a cheapskate like that. 

This is the first item I bought (stock photo from their website), "1 Carat Half Eternity CZ Braided Sterling Silver Engagement Wedding Ring Set". MSRP $32.99:

Note: It looks like the prices have gone up in the last couple weeks.  I was able to use the coupon code provided by Jen @ frmheadtotoe.

Shipping was incredibly fast, especially since they had a free shipping promotion going on at the time of my purchase.  I believe they sent me a shipping confirmation email within a (business) day, and I received the item two days after that.  It shipped in a cardboard box with foam inserts for protection, placed in an envelope and shipped via USPS.

Here's what it looks like on:
  • The CZ is 1ct, and is nice & classy for everyday use.
  • The setting is beautiful!
  • Runs true to size (the size 5 fits perfectly on my ring finger).
  • Welded together beautifully:
  • Actually, not much to note here; I really love this set.  The only thing I would say is that wearing this ring and the "wedding band" together would be a bit much, since they're both pretty wide.  I wear the "engagement ring" on one hand and the "wedding ring" on the other.

I was so in love with this product, that I ordered this "Victorian Cocktail Silver CZ Wedding Ring Set". MSRP $39.99:

Here's what the 'engagement' ring of this set looks like:

The rundown:
  • The CZs around the middle CZ, and on part of the band, are a nice, subtle touch.
  • It's shiny, oooh.
  • Beautifully designed!
  • The stone is much bigger than I initally thought.  It's probably the size of a 2ct stone.  (Well, that's either good or bad, depending on how you look at it.)
  • The ring runs a lot bigger in size than I'd expected.  My ring finger is a size 5, and I purchased this with the intent of wearing it on my ring finger, but as you can see, it actually fits on middle finger much better.
  • The first thing I noticed as I was putting the set on was the tinny, toy-sounding clinking sound they made.
  • The middle stone sits on top of the setting, and is not quite embedded in it like I thought it would be.
  • The "engraving" on the side of the ring is not as well executed as the stock photo leads on (I tried to get a picture of it, see below.):
  • The ring is welded together a tad sloppily (is that a word?).  I'm sure this is probably the only way they could have done it, but again, it makes the ring look a lot more cheap than it is.  Here's what I mean:
Although I listed much more "Mehhh" than "Good", because I've always wanted a princess cut stone ring in this type of setting, I still wear this set everyday.  And for wearing it everyday, it's pretty darn durable, and has not harmed my fingers with any sort of fungus or discoloration.

Bottom line!  (Finally.)
I think if you're looking for an alternative to expensive jewelry, or something to buy for your mama or partner for the holidays, you should buy from  Fast shipping, HUGE selection (not just rings), overall good quality, super affordable.  Can't go wrong.

I'm going to work on a video review for this, and my other blog entries.  I'll be posting them soon (my goal is before the end of next week.)


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