Monday, December 13, 2010

Oprah's Giving Away Free Cars and Oil Blotting Sheets!

Okay, I lied.  She just gave away cars.

The oil blotting sheets come FREE!

You get a sheet, you get a sheet, you-you-get-a-get-a-sheet, sheet!

So, my oily face and I were just in the bathroom, and I remembered that there's a kind of oil blotting sheet I use almost everyday, that's free, and that I learned from a really old episode of Oprah. Ready?


Oh yes, toilet seat covers.  (The paper kind, not the plastic kind that come out automatically when you enter or leave the restroom.)  I know it sounds nasty, but they're sanitary, trust me.  Just blot your face with one (DO NOT RUB, BLOT), and your face should be far less greasy looking than it was before you entered the bathroom.

And if somebody catches you, tell them Jen sent you.

Oh, and other stuff:
I'm in the process of figuring out what direction I'm going with this blog thing, so bear with me.   (Or bare with me?  Naw, that's dirty.)  I've started a YouTube channel in hopes that I can start filming some fun stuff:

Also, I've been keeping a pretty close eye on my stats, and I've had visits from all around the world!  So to you all (if you've decided on returning), I say: Thank you, gracias, vielen dank, merci, grazie, and terima kasih! 

But, why did I get traffic from a Saudi Arabian blog that runs stories on Viagra?

And thank you to my two wonderful friends who have decided to follow me.


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