Saturday, January 1, 2011

3! 2! 1! Contact. I mean, Happy New Year! (and a Sally Hansen review)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, READERS!  (and a special greeting to you, if you can name the pop culture reference made in the title of this blog entry.)

I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful New Year celebration!  I spent my NYE making.... MY FIRST VIDEO REVIEW EVAR on Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($10.99 for 16 strips)!!

Well, I guess I've spoiled the review by showing you the video first, haven't I?

As I was walking down the mean streets of CVS, my eye was caught by these bad boys.

Stickers made of real (dry) nail polish; apply them carefully to your nails, remove the excess, and you're done.  They come in an assortment of different colors and patterns; from solid colors to the extra-sparkly sort.  From only about 20 years ago do I remember anything like them; it was a hot pink Barbie nail polish that were marketed to be kid-friendly, since you didn't have to use acetone to remove it.  They just peeled right off.

Only, the polish would stick to the polish on your other fingers, and they would come off and cling to you.  Little, hot pink, nail-shaped adhesives everywhere.  How fun for parents.

These were a tad bit better in execution, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they were any less tacky.

After application, which took about twenty minutes (and I'll include a caveat that I'm probably slower than the average user), I was pretty disappointed with the look and feel of the nails.  The design fell flat; no texture, no "pop".  They literally looked like stickers I had taken from a middle schooler's sticker book and slapped on my nails.  They also felt like they would peel right off if I labored too profusely in any one task.  Being so disappointed with them, I layered a silver glitter top coat over them.



The outcome was a sparkly, snake-like pattern.  Cheesy, but given the NYE around the corner, I kinda liked them.  It seemed that the top-coat had also made them more durable.

Here's the rundown:
Price: 3/5 (COME ON, $10.99 FOR ONE APPLICATION?!  Not to mention, they sell these things in solid colors.  SOLID COLORS.  Why would you pay $10.99 for that?)
Packaging: 4/5 (Like the cuticle stick and nail file included.)
Product: 3/5 (For this experience only.  Maybe if I had picked a better design, I'd feel differently.
Overall: 3.3/5 (womp womp.)

Lastly, the box says they're supposed to last up to 10 days.  I'll keep you posted, but I might take them off early, because they're starting to look a bit silly after the New Year.

I saw that Revlon makes a scented nail polish!  I'll do that as my next nail review.


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