Friday, January 7, 2011

Beauty Tips for Sporting Events. ie. LET'S GO GIANTS.


If you live in the Bay Area, you'll know these three important things:  1) The SF Giants are the 2010 World Series Champs, 2) our other sports teams suck right now, so 3) is it time for more baseball yet?

Yes, sports is a big deal here in the 'yay, and most likely where you live, too.  (Unless you live in Seattle, lulz!  jk.)  While talking with my dear friend and old roommate, he suggested that I do a blog entry/ Youtube video regarding beauty and sports.  I thought it'd be a good idea, too, for you ladies (and gents) who are attending your first major sporting event.

Well, friend.  Here it is.  My top three beauty tips for attending sporting events.

1) Wear Layers (it ain't sick to get sick.)
I've been to many outdoor sporting events (not just baseball) in my day, and they have all been in San Francisco.  That means it's always freaking cold.  So, usually I'm sitting there in a freaking parka, and a couple of girls come down the stairs in their jean skirts and cut up tank tops... and of course Uggs for warmth.  Immediately, the old lady inside my head yells,  "DO YOU WANT TO GET PNEUMONIA?!".   

Ladies, nobody cares what your cleavage looks like unless you catch a fly ball in it.

So, wear layers, because even on the warmest day, a breeze could get you chilly.  And cover up, because your body is your temple and you should respect it.  But more importantly, YOU SHOULD RESPECT THE SPORT.

2) Don't Wear High Heels (it ain't fly to wear 'em high.)
Look, I'm a huge fan of pretty heels.  I've got tons.  But in any arena, there is LOTS of walking.  And LOTS of people hurrying to get to their seat for the next few minutes of the game.  Nobody wants to get stuck behind you, because you're trying to preserve the heels of your Louboutins.

And if I'm that person stuck behind you, and Brian Wilson is pitching on a 3-2 count with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, I WILL push you outta the way.  Wear flat shoes.

3) Protect Yourself with SPF (get outta the sun, son!)
This reminds me of this quote I once heard, "Even on the cloudiest day, the sun is shining."  It's not just some crappy saying, It's true; the sun's still there, and so are its harmful rays.   So, wear a moisturizer and/or foundation with SPF on your face and sunblock on your body to prevent sun damage.

Above all, have fun.  The culture of sports is an amazing one.  Video tutorial to come.



  1. I really like your blog, you are not only a good writer with common sense, but you are also funny!

  2. Great post,at first I thought you were referring to my beloved NYC Giants! But it's all good! Have a great weekend XOXO

  3. Love it Jen! Awesome. I agree with you. It's annoying when women are willing to sacrifice their health just to get some guys to notice them. Go to the game because you want not because there's going to be cute guys there. -Darah


  5. I beg to differ on the no cleavage rule!!