Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dirty Boys and Drugstore Hauls

I am TOTALLY on a roll.  Check out this insight for the YouTube video I posted last week:

I believe it's got something to do with the title of my video being "Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips". Thank you, interwebz for bringing to me all the gross dudes slyly looking for softcore pr0nZ I can possibly handle.  (If you read my blog regularly, you'll recall my interesting searcher from a couple weeks ago.)

Anyway perverts, I WENT TO CVS!  Here's the booty I scored (...heh heh.)

  • L'oreal Colour Riche - Toasted Almond - A darker nude, good for a natural look.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Creme) - #613 Just Enough Buff - Super nude (lol), more matte than cream
  • L'oreal Infallible Lip Color - Beyonce Red - As recommended by ItsJudyTime
  • Sally Hansen Forever Stay Moisture Gloss - Creamsicle - An orangy shimmery gloss.

Swatches below, pictured from left to right.
Natural light
With Flash

Revlon Scented Nail Polish in "Orange Pop" - It smells like candy!  AMAZING! (Suuuper sloppy swatch below.)

Nailene French Tip Pen - I gave myself a french manicure at work.  But, they chipped two days later.

CVS Instant Nail Polish Remover - Stick your finger in and swirl it around.  Enough with the entendres!

CVS Pharmacy Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths - For emergency use only; I still love my Yes to Carrots!

Oh, and I got HELLA extra CVS bucks.  Aww yeah.

Also, as you can see, I didn't stick with my nail strips for very long.  They chipped away after day four, and they looked a bit silly after New Year's Eve anyway.  But I did go back and see that there was one design that didn't completely suck.  I might try it!



  1. I've got the same insights for all my videos. It's pretty disturbing. I just tell myself that they are drag queens looking for makeup advise.

  2. hahahha, here's hoping. what video editor did you use? those videos take so long to edit, i don't know if i'll do more than one a month. lol.

  3. it's definitely tedious, especially since i only use windows live movie maker. i don't have the funds for good editing software. on a good day, it takes me 4 hours to edit 10 minutes of video. without a soundtrack, it takes less time. i'm super picky about movements and sounds and captions and stuff matching the beat of the music.