About Jen

Hey folks!

First off, thanks for visiting my blog.  Just the visit alone means so much to me.

I intend on doing mainly reviews on this site; primarily on beauty products, mama products, mama-to-be products, and baby products.  During my pregnancy, and my early post-partum phase, I relied A LOT on the opinions of other mamas to get me through those tough months.  I was too scared to try new things unless they were recommended to me by somebody I trusted, and I did a lot of reading prior to many of our first-time purchases.

I also found that taking just a half hour on my hair and makeup everyday really kept me away from that new mama funk, that super zombie like state.  And by spending that precious time on pampering myself, I learned a lot about what you can do with just a brush and bit of pigment.

So, my blog is my way of giving back to those who were nice enough to leave web reviews on the products I was purchasing.  Maybe one of my reviews will lead you to something you love, or maybe it'll help save you some money.

Of course, I love to put my own two cents in, so I'll mix in some tutorials and tips when I feel like I should.

For business inquiries, or to send me a product for review, please email j2mbeauty (at) gmail (dot) com.

Disclaimer: I will ALWAYS state when a product has been sent to me for review.  If it is not outwardly stated, please be certain that I purchased the reviewed product with my own money.  Also, having a product sent to me at no-cost will NEVER sway my opinion about the product.  I will always be open and honest about what I think.

love and light.